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Rangel Communications Inc. is a preferred partner for wireless service providers both in the United States and internationally. We have been developing communications sites for wireless service providers for more than 15+ years - offering our wireless customers in-depth management experience, scale, and resources.

 Our Operations and Services teams have some of the longest experience in the industry and interact closely with our wireless customers to provide expertise and services throughout the full life cycle of site and tower development.   
Our principal operations are in the United States and its territories. Our expansion is driven by:

- Consumers’ increased use of mobile applications, particularly data.
- Wireless service providers seeking to increase the quality and coverage of their networks.
- Spectrum auctions, which result in new market entrants as well as additional network deployments from existing wireless service providers.

Our size, experience, capabilities and resources make Rangel Communications Inc., a preferred partner for wireless service providers both domestically and internationally. With anticipated ongoing, dynamic growth in wireless traffic (data and video), Rangel Communications Inc., will continue to lead the way providing innovative business strategies and continuous improvement to our network infrastructure.

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