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  Installing new equipment onsite is more than just a plug-and-play operation. Successful deployment projects require technicians with a deep knowledge of small cells, DAS, microwave, macrocell or other technologies, and a complete understanding of the customer’s exact specifications and experience with the tower or site under development. Rangel Communications Inc., has expert technicians to provide optimal performance, proper integration, and solid connections between all critical systems. Because service failures or outages during a routine installation or commission can be costly in terms of impacts to budgets, timelines, and the overall customer experience, all critical systems are tested and verified with the customer’s NOC prior to and after installation, integration, and commissioning services are performed. Rangel Communications Inc., has mitigation and risk avoidance strategies to keep projects on-track and on-budget. 

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 Rangel Communications Inc., civil construction team is experienced and accomplished in construction management, quality management, construction specification standards, safety management, and cost management.  Rangel Communications Inc.,  is unique in the industry in the way we leverage innovative processes, software tools, and automation to provide unequaled accuracy and visibility resulting in higher quality project delivery.  Our teams are committed to elevating quality, safety standards, and client satisfaction in every engagement.

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Site and Field Audits 

Rangel Communications Inc., site audit services provide wireless carriers, tower companies, and OEMs with market and zoning analysis, lease audits, field audits, and pre-build site evaluations that supply the necessary data to enable the optimization of operations and network enhancements, along with the efficient use of existing assets.


Rangel Communications Inc., has a proven track record of successful A&E telecommunications projects from large-scale to custom, smaller-scale projects.  This experience enables Rangel Communications Inc., to design the network with optimal use of hardware and structural capacity, leveraging drawings and analyses by our knowledgeable engineers.  Rangel Communications Inc., architectural and engineering design solution can make sure all projects are set up to succeed with the most complete and detailed analysis of existing structures and thorough civil and engineering designs. With a complete road-map, delays in time-to-construction, cost overruns, and other unforeseen challenges will be avoided.  For Rangel Communications Inc., a complete and optimized design involves a methodical and data-intensive analysis that provides visibility to the risks and opportunities in every aspect of the deployment process. 


LAB Integration and Testing

  The integration of the different components that make up a complex system requires verification that the architecture, the design, and the configurations have achieved business and technical objectives. When implementing a system alongside an existing infrastructure, the inter-working with legacy systems also requires specific attention. Through years of extensive experience, Rangel Communications Inc.,  has developed proven methodologies so the intended purpose of an integrated system is fully realized.


A successful optimization requires a methodical and data-intensive analysis that addresses the risks and rewards of each decision.  To optimize the impact of network actions on capital investment, operational expense, and organizational dynamics, Rangel Communications Inc., strives to ensure our recommendations are flexible and robust to meet the financial and strategic objectives of our customers.  With our expertise, processes, and tools, we accurately predict and then validate the optimal rate of return and utilization of the network already in place versus recommending an investment in additional infrastructure spending.

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